Not long after the Luftwaffe finished targetting Belfast shipyards I grew up in the bombed-out streets of Belfast, Northern Ireland. I was not a particularly scholarly young man and was prone to playing the usual boyhood games of the era. From as far back as I can remember I absolutly loved to draw! I started by tracing comics then copying them then making up my own characters. My father used to say that I was the noisiest artist he knew of because when I was drawing my action characters the noise of battle would explode from my mouth mimicking gunshots, bomb blasts, horses hooves, etc.

Following my school years, I tried my hand at a diverse range of occupations. However, when I got married I decided to further my education and enrolled in some evening classes and after three years of study, I managed to secure the requisite qualifications to gain direct entry into the Graphics department of Belfast Art College graduating with a BAHons in Visual Communications.

When I retired after working as a graphic artist for over thirty years in Edinburgh, specialising in type and layout, I once again started drawing. The passion for art was reignited. About ten years ago I began working in colour, painting with both pastels and acrylics. I joined the Moira Art School and thanks to the guidance of artist Janice Lightowler and the fellowship of my fellow artists in the group I have grown in both ability and confidence. I was proud to have been accepted as an Associate member of the Arts Society of Ulster.

A lot of years have passed since I started my art journey, tracing my comics and creating my action characters, however, that child’s enthusiastic sense of adventure still flows through my veins every single time I pick up a pencil or a brush.

....the learning continues!

Anthony Haughey.

I would also like to thank Neil Condron a Pastel Master whose patience with my phone calls seeking advice is always gracious. A very grateful nod to my talented cousin Marty Garland for his help. Both websites are well worth a visit.